Hossein (born in Iran in 1985) was initially interested in street photography. His focus eventually shifted to documentary and environmental portrait photography. He was working as a web developer when exchanges with his street photography subjects started to bring him into closer dialogue with the people he passed every day. Fascinated with the contours of the Earth (he holds a BS in cartography, IT, and a Master's degree in geomorphology), Hossein felt drawn to study the contours of the human spirit more closely. Questions of identity and social issues continue to orient his work. 

He graduated in photography from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, in 2022.

e-mail: hello [at] hossein.art
IG: @hossein.foto


Artist Talk

- Shangtuf Creative Photo Talk

Awards & Achievements


  • - Preus museum - Performing for the camera. Shortlisted
  • - Bartur BaseCamp award - Faces of Humanity. Winner
  • - Bartur BaseCamp award - Unity and Diversity. Judges Choice
  • - Rabo Photographic Portrait-talented. Shortlisted
  • - Royal Photographic Society (RPS). Shortlisted
  • - Critical Mass PhotoLucida. Top 50
  • - Pollux Awards 17th. Overall winner
  • - Portrait of Humanity. Shortlisted
  • - LoosenArt gallery - On clothing. Winner
  • - Kolga Tbilisi Photo. Shortlisted


  • - Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. Winner
  • - Royal Photographic Society (RPS). Shortlisted
  • - OpenWalls Arles. Winner
  • - Canon Student Development Programme
  • - APG Portfolio 2021. Winner
  • - Xposure photography awards. Overall winner
  • - Portrait of Humanity. Shortlisted







Group exhibition


- LoosenArt gallery. Italy
- National Museum of Photography (Preus museum). Norway
- Kolga Photo Festival. Georgia


- Florida Museum of Photographic Arts
- Galerie Huit. France
- Belfast photo festival. Northern Ireland
- Xposure photography festival. UAE


- Kahmann Gallery. Amsterdam, Netherlands

- Portrait of Humanity x Sent into Space. The first photography exhibition in Space

- OpenWalls Arles. Galerie Huit Arles. France

- Louisiana State Museum as part of PhotoNOLA Festival. New Orleans, United States 

- National Centre For Photography Ballarat. Victoria, Australia

- LagosPhoto Festival. Lagos, Nigeria

- Organ Vida International Photography Festival. Zagreb, Croatia

- Helsinki photo festival. Helsinki, Finland


- Sony World Photography Awards. Somerset House, London

- Memories - LoosenArt. Italy, Roma

- Talents of the year 2018. Independent photographer. Germany, Berlin

- I belong. PhotoEast. The United Kingdom, Neptune Quay

- Blank wall gallery. Street photography. Athens, Greece


- House of Basketball. Zürich, Switzerland

- The Mind's Eye. All About Photo. USA, San Francisco

- I’ll be your mirrors. Portrait exhibition. USA, California

- "StreetProjeckt." Germany, Berlin

- The Essence of Monochrome. Hungary, Budapest

- Blank wall gallery. Fine Art.  Athens, Greece

- Blank wall gallery. Black & White. Athens, Greece

- Blank wall gallery. Travel. Athens, Greece

- Blank wall gallery. Moments of color. Athens, Greece

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