Molokans are a branch of Orthodox Christianity and a special Russian ethnic group, appeared by Russians in Russia in the 17th century. Owing to the trepidation of Molokans and Doukhobors dispersion regarding the religious perspectives they were banished in "Molochnie void." The early 1800s a huge number of outcasts were settled in Armenia. However, later it proved to be the case that there was insufficient land for everybody, and hence, it came to a decision to shift some of the Molokans from Armenia to Georgia. In the present day, they are living in Kakheti: village Ulianovka. As a matter of fact, the majority of them are aged individuals as their young ones have returned to Russian Federation, primarily because of financial scarcity or to the other cities in the country of Georgia for a better set of opportunities. At the moment, most of the residents in this village work on farmlands — a village with a minimum of the first facilities and lack of attention from the Georgian government.

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